Math 97 Senior Conference: Previous Topics

The Jordan Curve Theorem
Random Order: Sequences in Arbitrary Set Partitions
Two-Person Zero-Sum Games
Factorization Algorithms
A Proof of the Transcendentality of e
Penrose, Escher, Wang: Engrossing Periodicity Work
The Isoperimetric Problem
Knot Theory and Knot Invariance
Forced to Commute: Wedderburn's Theorem on Finite Division Rings
Ramsey Theory: Parties, Colors, and Tic-Tac-toe
Musings on Division Algebras, Particularly the Octonions
Euclidean Constructions
The Impossibility of Democratic OPOV Election Procedures
Giuga's Conjecture on Primality
Nonlinear Economic Dynamics
Modeling Epidemics - From Deterministic Models to Chain-Binomial Models
Fuzzy Logic and Probability
Decomposition Principle for Large-Scale Linear Systems
Math is Hard: An Introduction to Computational Complexity
An Introduction to Auction Theory
A Little Bit about Matrix Representations of Groups
The Jones Polynomial: A Knot Invariant
A Comparison of Error-Correcting Codes
The Axiom of Choice
Truth, Math, and Reconciliation: A Posthumous Nobel Prize (in Peace) for Jean Charles de Borda?
Newton's Method, Chaotic Motion and Symbolic Dynamics
Godel's Incompleteness Theorem
Open and Closed Leontief Models and the Study of Positive Matrices
Financial Derivatives
Plane hyperbolic geometry
Option pricing models
Information theory
Projective geometry and crytography
Geometry of curves in R^3
Social choice theory
Boolean algebra
The Fundamental Theorem of Algebra
Game theory

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