Math 5: Calculus

We are swimming upstream against a great torrent of disorganization, which tends to reduce everything to the heat-death of equilibrium and sameness described in the second law of thermodynamics. What Maxwell, Boltzmann, and Gibbs meant by this heat-death in physics has a counterpart in the ethics of Kierkegaard, who pointed out that we live in a chaotic moral universe. In this our main obligation is to establish arbitrary enclaves of order and system.
-- Norbert Wiener





Math 5(2): Calculus I
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12/16/02 - Here are solutions to the final. Happy Holidays!

12/14/02 - Here's a copy of the 1997 final.

12/13/02 - Solutions to last year's final are in two pieces - here and here.

12/9/02 - Here's a copy of last year's final.

11/27/02 - Posted solutions to today's worksheet.

11/15/02 - Posted solutions to second midterm.

11/13/02 - Posted solutions to last year's midterm.

11/9/02 - Here's a copy of last year's second midterm.

11/7/02 - Riemann sums applets up.

11/4/02 - Posted solutions to today's worksheet; optimization applets up.

10/25/02 - Posted solutions to today's worksheet.

10/24/02 - Newton's method applets up.

10/4/02 - Posted solutions to midterm.

10/2/02 - Posted solutions to old midterm and review problems.

9/27/02 - Posted solutions to today's trig/chain rule worksheet.

9/26/02 - Here's a copy of last year's first midterm.

9/25/02 - Final exam is Monday, Dec. 16, 7-10 pm, room TBA.

9/13/02 - Posted solutions to today's derivative worksheet.

9/9/02 - Posted solutions to today's derivative worksheet.

9/6/02 - I've posted new and legible solutions to Wednesday's limit worksheet here.

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