Math 118 Calculus I

Section B: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 11:00-11:50 in Buttrick G-13
Section C: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9:00-9:50; Tuesday 8:30-9:20 in Sci. 304E

Jim Wiseman
Buttrick 331, x6202
Office hours: Tues. 3-5, Wed. 3-4, and by appointment


12/8/05: Posted a practice final and solutions.

11/18/05: Posted solutions to second midterm.

11/7/05: Posted a practice second midterm and solutions.  You may also want to do some practice problems from 3.4 and 4.4-4.6.

10/31/05: Information on final projects available.  There are links to the assignment details here and descriptions of possible projects here. Please note that the deadline for submitting your project choices and the names of your group members is Tuesday, Nov. 15, at 3:00 pm.

10/31/05: Class meets in McCain 211 on Monday, 11/7.  We'll meet in McCain 211 instead of the regular classroom, for a library presentation. I'm told that "the second floor can be surprisingly challenging for people to find. If they take the elevator & push "2", that generally works. Or there are steps behind closed wooden doors just to the left of the 1st floor entrance (granted, the steps are not obvious). as you might guess, walking up 1 flight takes care of it.... and there is not much else on the second floor."

10/7/05: Posted solutions to the first midterm.  NOTE:  4b should read "M'(6) = 0.22e^6.6," not "M'(2) = 0.22e^2.2."

9/1/05:  The Math Learning Support Center in Buttrick G-12 will open Tuesday Sep. 6.  Hours are Monday-Thursday 2-8, Friday 2-4 and Sunday 6-8.  You are welcome to come by to study individually or in groups.  If you have any questions contact Ms. Schwarzlose at or ext 6875.  You do not need to make an appointment.  Just stop by anytime we are open.  We look forward to seeing you.

9/1/05:  The math department Problem of the Week is up and running! Anyone who solves it correctly is eligible for a $10 prize. See .

9/1/05:  The Learning Support Center will be offering workshops to help you with your TI 83/84 and TI 86 graphing calculator.  These are basic workshops and will cover how to input a function, changing the window, zoom menu and how to find roots and intersections.  These workshops can be offered Sep. 6, 8 and 12 from 4-5 or 5-6.  If you are interested e-mail Ms. Schwarzlose at  and let her know which calculator you have and what time(s) you can come.  If you can't come at these times or have a different calculator you can always get help at the Math Learning Support Center in G-12 when it is open.

Jim Wiseman
Department of Mathematics
Agnes Scott College